Where can I Videoconference?

Videoconferences can be held in rooms that are equipped with videoconferencing hardware or software. The person(s) and/or group(s) you want to videoconference with also need access to videoconferencing hardware or software at their location.

There are many spaces across campus that have permanent videoconferencing hardware. If you need to have a videoconference in a space that does not have the equipment, you can book a mobile videoconferencing unit.   

Bookable Videoconferencing Facilities

The spaces listed below can be rented by anyone who needs to access videoconferencing and full technical support is provided for videoconferences held in these spaces.

  • Videoconferencing suite: Education Room 12

          This space accommodates up to 10 people in a boardroom style room.

  • Studios: Education Room 31 and 48

          These spaces accommodate up to 50 people in a setting that is customized based on individual needs.

College/Department/Unit Owned Videoconferencing Facilities

Some Colleges/Departments/Units own their own videoconferencing equipment. Typically, the equipment is purchased for use by members of the College/Department/Unit and bookings are managed either by the College/Department/Unit or the dedicated videoconferencing support specialist. Contact them to inquire about booking/renting the videoconferencing solution.

Full technical support is provided upon request for videoconferences held in college/department/unit spaces. Contact us to request support.