Register a videoconference

When you pre-register your videoconferencing event or class, a videoconferencing support specialist will:

  • Provide dedicated on-site technical support
  • Recommend that the remote site(s) have on-site technical support
  • Coordinate with contacts at the remote site(s) to perform network connection tests
  • Be able to request priority traffic on the local network (applied only to permanently configured stationary units)
  • Request priority on the remote network(s)

Register a videoconference endpoint

A videoconferencing endpoint is the hardware or software that you will be using at your location to perform the videoconference. When you register your videoconferencing endpoint you will benefit from:

  • Improved logging, metrics, and issue analysis. We can gather data on
    • current and past number of active videoconferencing endpoints
    • start and end times of videoconferencing calls
    • failed videoconferencing calls
    • the network location of local and remote videoconferencing endpoints
  • Simplified videoconferencing phone numbers (E.164 dial string)
  • Advance scheduling of videoconferences
  • Connection to more sites than the limitations of your videoconferencing unit, which can connect to only 1 other site unless it is purchased with the ability to bridge calls. Even with this ability, most units can connect to 3 sites only
  • Priority traffic on the local network, which helps to ensure quality audio and videoconferencing within the limits of the U of S campus network (applied only to permanently configured stationary units)
  • The ability to connect with remote users on private external sites

To register your videoconferencing unit (VCU) with the University of Saskatchewan, please complete the Videoconferencing Service Registration form

. Requests will be processed in 2 business days.